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We would Love to hear anything you have to say.. Good bad or ugly... only way to get better and learn is to hear the truth. Just keep in mind we believe the animals on this earth to serve us. I'm very objective person, I am a omnivore which means I eat meat and plants. In this GREAT country we all have a God given right to speak freely. Just remember you may have that right and should respect it. I also have that same right, and mine rules in my world, as yours should in yours. I totally respect your right to have yours. Give mine that same respect. Thanks Email me at

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Written by John on Jan. 6, 2018
Hi I'm looking for a flemish giant bunny rabbit for a pet and was wondering if you had any
Written by Joanna on Nov. 2, 2017

Im looking to get a domestic bunny/rabbit. Please let me know on the availability Thanks
Written by Jon B. on Dec. 1, 2016
I'm looking to begin raising rabbits this spring; New Zealands/Californians (meat rabbits). Looking for breeding stock. Will you have any available or can you direct me? Also, looking for advice as I go. By the way, I admire the lifestyle you're choosing, looking for a little of it myself. Hope to be my own suburban homesteader.
Written by Andy on Jul. 2, 2016
Hi I'm looking for a flemish giant bunny rabbit and was wondering if you had
Written by Lynette on Dec. 12, 2015
Will there be puppies available this coming Feb. 2016 or were the pups born last year 2015? I wasn't sure if the message on the website was an old one.
Written by Courtney on Feb. 1, 2015
Hi I'm looking for a flemish giant bunny/rabbit and was wondering if you had any or any other large rabbit breeds

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12.02 | 00:45

do you sell manure for us gardeners. if so give send me a message.

10.02 | 06:32

I do NOT have any Stock for Sale... I only have My BREEDERS I will not sell them. My Chickens, Quail, Rabbits, etc. are all on Winter Break ,Come Back June-2021

06.01 | 14:48

No pedigree animals.. I need for meat not show... sorry...

06.01 | 14:46

Not really a good match... a NZ Buck would have an issue mounting and dicey mating with such a large breed, her other NZ does... they are fastest growing.

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