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our Logo, the LnRRR Ranch stands for Lisa and Rodney Rodney Rhiannon Ranch
Fall at the Ranch
Springtime at the Ranch
Our Puppies "Indy" and "Cinn" our latest breeding pair. This pair pouts out all three colors, Chocolates, Blacks and yellows (all shades).
Our Ducks and One of the Labs playing
Puppies getting to know the Old Lady...
Jersey Devil's Cinnamon Bourbon (Cinn) as a baby. Now she is the Mommy.
a couple of the Girls.
Ducks in the Stream...
Our first Hive... hoping for some honey Fall 2016,cold winter 2015... three Hives will be working and hopefully getting more as the years go by.
This is a Pure breed New Zealand Meat Rabbit. they are a breed that requires a lot of love an attention to be a pet, but due to the breeding for meat they are better for that purpose and are not the easiest to raise as a pet With that being said pet price is $25.00
A sample of Meat breed Rabbit. Californian Pet Cost is $30.00 they are Pure Breed and ARBA Pedigreed
This Rabbit is a meat rabbit but also makes a great pet. Pet Cost is $45.00 they are Pure Breed and ARBA Pedigreed Giant Chinchillas

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Rodney | Reply 16.04.2016 10.05

My new does are just r ready to be bred I hopfully will have kittens ready to go home 3-4 those are pedigree giant chins, I have some 6 month old males forsale

Nicole P.-Aviles | Reply 15.04.2016 19.30

I am looking for a Giant Chinchilla baby or young rabbit as a pet.
Do you have any now?
I would have preferred to adopt but i don't get any answers. Thanks!

Rodney 17.04.2016 22.52

I don't have any giant Chin babies yet, new breeders are almost ready to breed. .. and I don't have any rabbits available. .. I sell Rabbits not adopt them. .

Jim | Reply 06.04.2016 14.03

I'm looking for an american sable I live in N.J. Jim

Rodney 30.06.2016 07.55

I don't have Any Americans anymore

kathleen | Reply 21.03.2016 18.56

looking for a dutch dwarf rabbit

Rodney 24.03.2016 08.06

I don't breed dutches anymore but I do have a one year old that is up for adoption.

Cindy O. | Reply 01.03.2016 14.48

Looks amazing!

Nick | Reply 09.01.2016 22.03

Hello, do you have rabbits available?
I will be in NJ on the 18th visiting and would like to pick up a few New Zealand rabbits for breeding if they are availabl

Anna | Reply 20.11.2015 00.58

Hi .I am interested in a california rabbit or .New Zealand.Do you have any available if not when will they be available?

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Latest comments

31.07 | 10:33

When are Flemish Giant rabbits available?

29.07 | 18:08

What rabbit breeds do you have available now?

24.07 | 16:20

Hello I was wondering when you will have any pet rabbits for sale anywhere from September to December?

30.06 | 07:55

I don't have Any Americans anymore

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